Saturday, July 23, 2005

I Love To Paint!

This was a commission done for my dear friends Kathy and Ross. They are sooo supportive. I'll have to get the measurements to post as it was my largest piece yet. Wow, what fun! Acrylic on canvas.
Thanks for sending the picture Susan!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dream House

This is my dream house. Don't ask... I've got to get another picture of this one because it's one of my favorites. This one's for sale. This one is hanging at the Huron Sub-Station, Thanks Meike!

.SOLD! TOOOOO: Meike at the Huron Sub-station! Thanks chickie perfect timing on the $$$


Recently worked in Long Beach at the port. The pollution really bummed me out!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


This untitled landscape is already spoken for. It is a long overdue gift for my friend Colleen. But I like it, so I thought I would post it. This was done in early July.

Flower 2/Sandy French

This is a companion piece to the Flower painting. Flexible concrete and acrylic on canvas with wooden frame.

This one is hanging at the Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock.

SOLD! Thanks Sandra and Sandy!

Flower Painting

Flower painting was done back in January of 2004. I traded it to my friend Susan Weber for one of her "flip-flop" photo prints.

I scored!!! bahahaha

Skyline Painting

I did this commission painting several months back.
It's the L.A. skyline looking south, with the palm trees and hills of Elysian Park in the foreground.

This was done for my great friends Peter and Annika. They were the first to let me run with it. We were all super happy with the painting, thank goodness.

And yes, the sunsets really do look like this! kinda

Monday, July 11, 2005

More Birds

They look big and scary, but they're actually ony a few inches across.

These were a few of the several different types of birds I painted for artist, Kelly Nipper. As well as the skull below.

Skull and Birds

This was a giant plaster skull that I did for a Los Angeles based artist's art installation. The birds were also hand-painted. Not sure what death (skulls?) and birds have in common, but it was her vision!

Flashlight Painting

Not sure what this was supposed to be, but it's been dubbed the "Flashlight" painting. This one's not for sale!

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