Friday, December 07, 2012

Cactus Gallery, More than a space.

It is with a heavy heart that I post the closing of the Cactus Gallery (as we know it) at the end of this month. I have been an artist with the cactus gallery for many years and will miss it dearly. Thank you to Sandra Mastroianni for being one of the only gallerest that accepted me and my art unconditionally. Never telling me how and what to do with my art but giving me a place to express myself and show my art. Many will tell you if you want to 'sell' your art take it to Sandra, she truly has the gift of connecting art with collectors and art lovers like no other.

Cactus Gallery is more than the space it's housed in. I know where ever Sandra goes the love and spirit of her original vision will follow.

Please join me tonight December 7th in sharing stories and saying good bye to the Cactus as we know it. Let's also celebrate a new and brighter future for Sandra and her little gallery that could, did, does and will do!

We love you Sandra and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for being such a great support to all artists. Most importantly Thank You for being my friend, Love you.

Sandra's Words:

I am closing the Cactus Gallery in its present location at the end of December. I have done nearly 100 shows in nearly 8 years - wow! I am disappointed with the way things are ending here. After years of saying the building/lot would be sold to me, the owner reneged on his promise. I simply cannot stay in this space any longer.

If you have artwork here, please contact me immediately and we can plan on a pick up or mailing before month's end. I must be out of the building before December 30th.

I am kicking around a few ideas and will let you know as things become more concrete. After a much needed month or so off, I will be in touch. If any of you have any contacts I should correspond with or know of any super generous building owners that love art and would like to see their space used for a gallery, let me know.

Please help promote the gallery these last few weeks. Feel free to mention we are closing our doors at this location. Let's get people to buy your art, or someone else's, and let's go out with a bang!

POTLUCK WEEKEND -- I will be at Cactus Gallery today, Friday December 7th from 6p-10p and Saturday, December 8th from 12p-11p (our LAST reception) and Sunday, December 9th 11a-6p. Please stop by to chat, drink some wine, maybe even buy some art, and plan the future of Cactus Gallery with me.

Extended gallery hours:
December 9-13: 11a-6p
December 14-23: 11a-8p
December 24: 11a-4p

Thanks again for your support and friendship y viva el arte!
Sandra Mastroianni
Cactus Gallery and Gifts

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