Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Company in China Town, LA

I had a very busy night last night. I went to the 1 Image 1 minute show,more to come on that fabulous show later .

Then over to China Town for some gallery openings. Although I only made a small portion of them I so loved it. I took these photos at "The Company". They are in the office of a hotel around the corner from Chun King Road. A Gallery after my own heart. Sophisticated with a bit of loose and dirty.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art Rental

In case you didn't know I've signed up with Art Pic in North Hollywood. If your interested in renting art for studio, real estate, commercial or just to enjoy contact Marina Kieser.

They are currently renting "Blue Stair" attached along with "Big Poly" a classic one for me.

Art Pic
6826 Troost Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Marina Kieser

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Amazing Max Neutra

Hey all. Check out one of L.A. premiere live painters in action, Max Neutra. Congratulations Max for a wonderful year of art. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Can't wait to see what you will do in 2010.

Check out a video about him below, or click to visit his website:

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kathleen Walsh and Phillip Welsh's Child Isabella

Congratulations to you all! What a beautiful talented child!


Isabella Welch, winner of this years Guardian young art critic award,

Life, death and concrete spaghetti … Isabella Welch, winner of this years Guardian young art critic award, with Adrian Searle. Photograph: David Levene

Last month I took a trip to the Royal Academy in London with Adrian Searle, to catch the Anish Kapoor show in its final days. Outside the ­gallery, giant metal balls were piled high on top of each other, taking over the courtyard. I stood and looked at Kapoor's sculpture, at the way it ­reflected back lots and lots of little Royal Academies, making the gallery look ­bigger than it was. The balls reflected each other, too, so they looked as if they had bubbles inside them. Together, the bubbles were like running water, ­trickling down to the ground.

Inside the gallery, the first thing we saw was a variety of brightly coloured, powdery sculptures, coloured red, yellow and pitch-black, protruding through the walls and the floor. Spiky, smooth, wavy or curved, the sculptures took on very different shapes when looked at from different angles. The colours were simple, but as bright as colours can possibly be. Adrian said they were so pretty you wanted to reach out and touch them. At that moment, a gallery worker with a feather-duster in her hand gave us a glare of very strong disapproval.

In the same room, there was a ­convex protrusion from the wall. It was painted the exact same colour as the wallpaper, so I had no idea it was there until I looked at it from a different angle. Even harder to focus on were the mirrors in the next room. These were convex and concave ­mirrored sculptures that had the effect of making you look either very thin or very magnified. One even made you seem to disappear, if you got right up close to it. Like many of Kapoor's works, it was so large it made me feel very small and unimportant.

I was lucky enough to bump into Kapoor himself, and I asked him about his work. He said he was interested in "process". For instance, the ­movement of the big red wax block we were ­standing in front of was incredibly slow. It had been forced through the gallery's arched doorways on a track so many times that it was now the exact shape of the arches. Its dark-red mass was like something that had just been splodged out of a tin.

In another room, there was a ­cannon that fired paint-tin-sized pellets of wax through an arch into a small room in the corner. This was very fast and very loud. It left behind smashed bits of blood-red wax, deep enough to wade through – though I don't ­recommend anybody try it.

Standing in the next room, in the middle of what looked like piles of concrete spaghetti, I began to feel overpowered. The sculptures were all around me, surrounding me, making me think of living creatures and their living bodies. I had a slight feeling of dread. What with the blood-like floor and the heaps of ash-coloured concrete intestines, these works were forcing me to think about bodies and new life, and even death.

The idea of birth creeps me out. I think it might be the same for Anish Kapoor. The shapes of many of the ­mirrored sculptures were wonderful. But I preferred the ones that made me feel a bit scared. Feeling unsettled can be beautiful, too.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



For Immediate Release

Media Contact:

Luna George


The Gift of Giving Art and Love

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Los Angeles, CA – On February 6th, 2010 Crewest Gallery will be delivering over 1,000 Valentines Day cards created and donated by 150+ artists from all over the world to the patients at The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, The Children’s Hospital in Orange County and the Youth at LA Youth Network and possibly even more.

It all started over a month ago when Crewest Gallery sent out a “Huge Call to Artists” asking artists to participate in a Valentine’s Day Card Exchange for the patients at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Artists were asked to create, design and sign cards then send their cards to Crewest gallery. The expressed goal of the Valentine’s Day Card Exchange was to be able to provide at least 1 card per patient at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles (approx. 320 patients).

Through networking, the “Huge Call to Artists” was received by many including Ovation T.V., Art Slant,, etc. who posted Crewest’s call to artists on their sites. These sites helped greatly in spreading the word. Crewest gallery received an enormous response from artists from all over the world wanting to participate and who were all excited to show love to the kids. For some artists the Valentine’s Day Card Exchange hit home because they have once been a patient at the Children’s Hospital, they have a child who is suffering from an illness or they have kids and they can genuinely understand the benefits to showing love to the kids.

Due to the high volume of responses from artists and the number of cards to be submitted, Crewest is happy to announce that the gift of giving Art and Love through a Valentine’s day Card was able to be extended and will be received by not only the patients at The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles but also to the patients at The Children’s Hospital in Orange County and the Youth at LA Youth Network and possibly even more.

Sneak peak of some of the cards to be submitted:

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Your browser may not support display of this image.
Your browser may not support display of this image.

By Jon Hoffman By Valerie Gudell By Maya Kalabic

Participating Artists:

3 Sheets Fearo Martha Figueroa
above Lok Feed A Model Max Neutra
Albert Ramirez III FLASH ABC Maya Kalabic
alfie numeric Genie Melisande Meex One
Alonys Art Gerald Emerick Melon
Alyson Iwamoto Ghost One Michael Hsiung
Andre Miripolsky Gigi tarantola Michael Pizarro
Andrea Valverde Greg Dorosh Michelle Wehmer
Angela Kinley Haikuhie T. Mickey Schlick
Apple Price Hershey Moreno Migs
Ashira Siegel HEX Miki Lorena K.
Ashly Wade Hi Chung Curranin Miles Grobman
Ayds Huit Modern Day Monster
BCampan Indie Moedigliani
Bernie Noga IROK Motoko
Biser Ish Mr Say
BLEN 167 Ivan Meneses Mr.ricK
Branded Jania Vanderwerff Nancy Uyemura
Brian Bettencourt Janice Polzin New Colony
Brian.Negro.Picasso.Ross Jeanette Diefenbaugh Nicole Kaspereen
Bytedust Jennifer Ann Ogren Nguyen Norma Jean
Char Jenny Dale omino71
Chris Ortiz Jesse Elias Oso (5150 Tattoos)
Clark North Jessica Spencer Peap
Clint Wilson Jessica Ward Penny Raile
Craig Sibley Jeyd Phloe
One Nation Hip Hop Summit Jim Perry PHONETICONTROL
Damian Casillas Jon Hoffman Primrose Press
Dan Joyce Jose M. Loza Rayian Alegre
Dan Ruhrmanty Junebug Designs Raymond Hernandez
Dan Springer Karen Ivette Zaldaña. Rebornz Art/ Randy De Leon
Daniel Rios Karla Kavi Avila Rex H. Dominguez
Darrell "Mr.Ordo" Jackson Karla Usagi Rhonda Anjelly
Dawn Burns Kashmir Robert "rElAx" Reiling
Deb Kat Ruhl Robin Monique Rios
Debbie De La Cruz Katherine Wilson ROME
Diane Perry Kelly Croisdale Rosie Hardaker
Donald Bramlett Kelly Thompson Ruthie Pie
Donna Riviere Kelsoe LA Sadie Kennedy
Dres13 Keri Nurge Sandra Gilmore
Dril One Kim Leerdam Sandy Uribe
DSRUP KING157 Sarah Raskey
EARNONE USA Kristina Buckley Scott Palmer
Ed Curran Kyle Morales Septerhed
Eduardo73 Lacye A. Brown Sims
Edwin Ortega Laura Lamarque Slutsone
Elaine Torres Lawrence White Smitty
Ellis G. Perl Leaves Sophia Gasparian
Enchant®Scoot Leticia Maldonado Stacy Wilson (Nubian Painter)
Enik One lili cuzor Steve Delgado
Epson Lucky Bunny Stuart Harrison
Eric Roth Ludger Krane Susan Duda
Erica Durante Luise Andersen The Messenger
ErikScott MAD ONE Tia Stark
Erin Reynolds Man One Travis Moore
Ernesto Vazquez Marcus Gray Two Rabbits Studios
Everett Ching Maribel Reveles (patchouli nomad) Valerie Gudell
Ezra Marka27 Wendy White

and more…

Images available upon request.

For further info contact:
Luna George

110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
ph | 213-627-8272
Crewest is a gallery that supports some of the most talented underground artists from the West Coast and beyond. The gallery's focus is on urban & graffiti art created through painting, sculpture, digital, and print medias. All of the exhibits housed at Crewest deal with what is current, and significant within the realm of the urban art experience. Hours of operation are Tues. thru Thurs.: noon – 7pm, Fri. and Sat.: 12pm -8pm, Sun.: Noon – 6pm and Closed Mondays (except by appointment only). Visit the gallery online at:

# # #

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


My Husband worked on the garden today. What a beautiful picture. Thanks Honey.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Solar Sisters

While on my morning walk I ran into a cute group of girls singing and soaking up the sun. They call themselves the "Solar Sisters"

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Sunday, January 03, 2010


I want to appreciate now the things I will on my death bed.

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Visit to the Hammer

Our visit to the Hammer was as usual a great one. We went to see the R. Crumb show. The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis. It was interesting to see the original drawings. My daughter enjoyed seeing that he used white out and his references for the project. John and I both agreed that it is almost just as good to hold the book of the show in your hands and flip threw it as it was to see the pages framed. Almost as if the work had a reverse lost in translation affect. But not quiet what an amazing amount of work!

Rob Fischer's piece going up the stairs in the lobby was truly beautiful. A recycled gymnasium floor re configured in an almost geometric opp art fashion. The recycled material speaks for itself.
  • Heat Waves in a Swamp: The Paintings of Charles
  • Burchfield
  • The watercolors of Charles Burchfield were almost like what I call stoner art. doodle/designs This man had quite a body of work in his lifetime. From illustration, fabric and wall design, Christmas card design to of course painting. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the exhibition. Certainly not my cup of tea. However much respect for the skills and voice of this man. His railroad paintings were extraordinary and inspirational. They spoke to both John and I.

  • Desirée Holman
  • This was my favorite exhibit. It was based on the balancing act that we as women make between career and family. I love the way she expressed this in the video piece even with a spirited game of musical chairs. Her color pencil drawings were appropriately Mary Cassatt inspired. I could go on about this one but don't have time.
  • We also went to Huntington Library and Gardens this weekend. A wonderful juxtaposition to see Crumb's book of Geneiss at the Hammer and the first Gutenberg Bible print at the Huntington. Then to see Holman's Mary Cassatt inspired drawings and an original Mary Cassatt painting at the Huntington.

    P.s. What dorks. We thought that "The Thinker" with the googlie face was so funny. Crackin Up!

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