Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Lucky Kat"

Valentines at Cactus! Come for the NELA (Northeast Los Angeles) party! Every second Saturday of the month.

This piece was traded for one of WALT HALLs pieces,a gift for my husband. He loved it and so do I! Thanks Walt.

"Butt Why So Blue"

Another silly valentine. Come visit Cactus Gallery anytime!

Come on Peter you know you like it! I think because it's so funny...teehee

"Lucky in Love"

Cactus Gallery on Eagle Rock Blvd. Info in my links.

This piece was just donated to my friend Angela M. Ortiz's son's school fundraiser. I think it's Odyssey School in Pasadena. I wish them great success!

A gift for Angela...xo

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