Monday, November 27, 2006

Lisa Ingalls

Truly my most favorite painting in the whole world! "Dr.Madonna"

Speakin of Lisa

Hey Liza, Thanks so much for buying this one. It is truly one of my best works and I'm glad you have it!


"instant coco" is an on going collaboration from Susan C. Weber (SCWeber) and myself. Susan's photos are the inspiration for this series of paintings. We've only just begun!


love these leg images (from a 50's pantyhose ad)and will always paint
them. I think*&%#@# For the rest of my life, Till the day I die.

Julie Peasley

Congratulations on your sales Julie!

Discovery Tour 14

This was one part of my studio for the Discovery Tour on the 19th. We had a great turn out Thanks!


Kat done from SCWeber photo. Unfortunately I got a bad pix of the two of them so this is just mine.

New York Bunny

This is Susans great flipflop highrise photo printed on metalic paper. Great Choice Chickie! The small ones are paintings I did of the windows in the photograph.

"instant coco 1"

instant coco show

This is the first of a series from Susan C. Weber and Kelly Thompson's "instant coco" show. It was unveiled at the Arroyo Arts Collective "14Th Annual Discovery Tour". It got rave reviews. Thanks Everyone!

Lip Up Girl!

One day when Susan brought some of her images over for inspiration (in other words saved my creative ass) this one caught my eye. I immediately knew she was from Chicago. Was it the winter coat?, Was it the way she smoked her cigarette?, Or even the Bennigans Restaurant in the background?, For me it was the shocking pink Fashion Fair lipstick. Go figure.

Bike Oven/Title "BMX 4 EVA"

This painting was inspired by the NELA bike club.

Painted over this one.

Susan's India

This is part of the "instant coco" series that Susan and I are doing . They are my version of her India Photographs.

Green one Sold! Thanks Kathy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Angela's photos

Thanks for the pix's Angela their great! Also thanks for hangin out with us it really meant alot to me.

Jason makes a sale!

Jason and his 1st customer of the day! She loves her sculpture.


Lemonade sales were high this Sunday!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Discovery Tour/A Sunday Morining Show

Please Join Us!
Genevieve Anderson, Susan C. Weber, Angela Maria Ortiz, Julie Peasley, Sally Coats, Lorraine Scognamillo, Martin O. Garcia, Emilie Harvey-Zeug, Audree Cabrerra, Peter Ramsey, Lisa Ingalls, Robert Pound, Tim Weber, Jason Veer, Kelly Thompson and more to come.
Lemonade will be sold!

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