Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Vagina is Bigger than Your Vagina

Jancar Gallery has long been a pioneer in showcasing women in the arts giving them the freedom to express themselves without restrictions. Tom Jancar has provided a place for women to push the boundaries of feminist art as well as explore the sexual and social limitations that exist within the male dominated world of contemporary art. Standing out among his many talented artists is interdisciplinary artist Micol Hebron. Her solo show “Sisterhood is Powerful” was a ground breaking exhibit that I was proud to support and grateful to have attended. I urge you to read about it on this blog, “NOTES ON LOOKING”, such a beautifully written review by Geoff Tuck regarding Hebron's exhibition.

That being said I was reminded of Hebron and her beautiful work upon reading this article about the upcoming Tim Youd show at the new Coagula Gallery just doors down from Jancar Gallery in LA's Chinatown. I was immediately struck with the reference to the size of HIS vagina, “Some people are going to be uncomfortable looking at a 9-foot vagina,” Youd said. My first thought was, “Wow stereotypical man, “MY VAGINA IS BIGGER THAN YOUR VAGINA” attitude.

Now rather than getting into my many, many, many views on the subject I challenge you to read about both shows and create your own conclusion as to why it is that Youd got the attention of the mainstream media and not Hebron. Connections, perhaps. Needless to say I think the shows speak for themselves and urge you to investigate the content and intent of both of them. I personally am again reminded of how men get accolades, control and even a say in vaginas over women. Whether it be in the white house or in art.

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Assaulted, In a good way.

Amazing! Here is the image I got from Moca tonight. This was the small explosion. My heart was racing for a few minutes after the first one which was super loud and scary. Then I laughed my ass off.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stephanie's Performance

I loved this post of Sydney's that was on the face so much that I have to share it with you:

TONIGHT TONIGHT/// (With Sydney Croskery)
THE EGG will be participating in “I Feel As If I Have Two Wolves Fighting In My Heart”, Stephanie Allespach's collaborative mash-up is inspired by Nancy Buchanan’s 1980 performance, “If I Could Only Tell You How Much I Really Love You”
7-9 at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 6522 Hollywood Blvd.)

with Nancy Popp, Tricia Lawless Murray, Kelly Thompson, Christopher Russell, Craig Havens, Deirdre Moncy, Dino Dinco, Erich Wise, Joan Rameau, Matias Vegener, Peter Alberts, and Reza Monahan and more.

Part of the Spirit Resurrection Series and Pacific Standard Time

it's gonna be GREEEAAT.

What a wonderful performance it was at LACE in Hollywood. Great job everyone! I so enjoyed being the balloon wrangler. Was a little nervous at first but had a blast. I'm told I'm the best balloon wrangler in the west ;) The reactions I got when handing them out on Hollywood Blvd. were great. My favorite was the girl who held her stomach like she was full and said, 'oh,no thank you' as if taking the balloon would make her barf. I noticed most of the people who took them were happy people. It was so eggcellent!

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