Friday, May 25, 2012

Test Pilots II

Opening: Saturday May 26nd, 8-10 PM
Show run: Mid May - Mid June 2012

Location: Bleicher / Golightly Gallery

1431 Ocean Ave Santa Monica
Parking: Complimentary valet parking available under the building, valet will give ticket to be stamped at gallery.

Exhibiting Artists: Barbara Kolo, Wanda Decca, Edie Moses, Kelly Thompson, Susan Lizotte, Karrie Ross, Desy Safan-Gerard, Ricardo Xavier, Joyce Lieberman, Julie Barrios and others to be announced.

Bleicher/Golightly announces ‘Test Pilots II’ a short group exhibit of Los Angeles-based artists who are crossing into new territory. The exhibit is also an opportunity for the gallery to branch out to explore a selection of artists outside of its usual roster. Artists were encouraged to exhibit work with different approaches and techniques than they have explored in the past.

I'm really excited to be showing 3 new pieces in this show. As I am the worst at branding and have been told countless times to paint the same thing over and over to no avail. This show seems to be the story of my art, in that I have an inability to stop experimenting regardless the consequences to my career. So needless to say I really appreciate the theme and opportunity afforded in this show.

I'll be showing these works for the first time although they have appeared throughout the inter-web they have not been exhibited until now. In them I have done portraits which is something I don't usually do along with layering different products to create a dense look. I also don't usually use white as my primary color so this is also a new experience for me. One which I am really enjoying.

Hope to see you on the West side and hope you will like the new work. Cheers!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jeff Economy Collaboration @ Cannibal Flower

So excited to show a new collaboration piece with Jeff Economy. More to come... Title: "Two Cops Walkin".

8:00pm until 1:00am

939 Maple Ave., 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Cannibal Flower
Saturday, May 19th
$10 OR $8 with food donation to the L.A. Food Bank
OR $6 with costume

Jeff's Amazing Image. I will find out more from Jeff about the photo. Think it's late 80's early 90's but not sure. Well hell Jeff said he doesn't think he took this. I swore it was him. It may have been me but I'm almost sure it was Jeff. Anyway it makes a nice memory and painting of my time in Chicago! xxoo

Syrup Loft
939 Maple Ave., 3rd floor
Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Cody Lusby -

Angelina Christina, Lauren Haggis, Phil Santos, Steven Lopez, Lefty Joe, Nate Seubert, Louie Metz, Genie Melisande, Q, Nicole Bruckman, Susan Spano, Donna Letterese, Derek G, Tim Boggs, Lynn Marie Greaves, Milenna C. Saraiva, Miguel Valenzuela, Christopher Willingham, Terri Berman, Steven Higgins, Daniella Batsheva, Zero, KIIAANNII, Angel Cutno, Monty Montgomery, Peter Adamyan, Laura Diamond, Kelly Thompson, Yuki Miyazaki, CAUSNFX, Michael Christy, Clairefoster Josiah Brown, TYME, Emily Brooke, Catherine Kaleel, Eric Staniford, Owen Beckman, Billy Kheel, Keri Kilgo, Bruce Linn, Jaime Becker, Jason London, Francesca Prase, Tag Fatale, Karen Hydendahl, Shalla Javid, Kasim Patton, Rie Nasu, Matt Elson..

Zoom-B -

Tag Fatale -
Michael Pukac-
Stephen Williams -
Guy Cohen

Mr. NumberOnederul
DJ DownToEarth

Nohea Soul -

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

If you in NELA Saturday night the 12th check out my pal's shows at the NELA Art Walk.

CACTUS GALLERY is proud to present "In Light of the Dark," a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Patricia Krebs. For this - her fifth annual solo show at Cactus Gallery - Krebs presents a series of mixed media pieces primarily created with collage, ink and acrylic on canvas.

These new works reflect how polar opposites, or seemingly contrary forces, are interconnected and feed each other. She depicts how contraries (dark and light, feminine and masculine, good and bad, life and death, etc.) are all part of a universal balance, often times exploited by humans' need for strict classifications that often lead to prejudice.

The reception, which coincides with Northeast Los Angeles' (NELA) Second Saturday Gallery Night, is free and open to the public and will take place on
Saturday, May 12th, from 7-10 pm. For a map:

New works by Krebs can be seen on our blog - FRIDAY, MAY 11, NOON:

If you have a question regarding availability of work, please contact Sandra @ or 323.256.6117.

Opening: Sat. May 12, 2012 • 7 to 10 pm

Come meet the SF-based artist Liz Mamorsky (this is her third solo show with us) at the opening and enjoy Mel Knox's Uvaggio wines! These paintings are practically vibrating off the walls--they're super colorful and lively--and so LIZ!

“Painting is a surreal adventure. I prepare only by shedding preconceived ideas. Like Alice through the looking glass I enter the looming canvas. Filling its surface with fast, gestural marks, I fracture the oppressive whiteness. These frenetic brushstrokes allow my eyes to approach the canvas as they would profiles in the clouds or the animated branches of gnarled trees. They are my visual contours, the setting for my voyage.

“As I step into the vibrant world of oils the marks give rise to forms. Uncensored they swell, recede and disappear. Hypnogogic imagery streams across the canvas. Layers and levels of meaning and color build upon each other, my first strokes still visible in the pentimental landscape. My arms sweep right, left, up, down, my entire body stirs within the painting. The canvas records my actions, a menagerie of movement.

“The story evolves as the painting progresses. I try to hold on to reappearing figures, the narrators of my Wonderland. The journey is intense, sometimes frightening, sometimes funny, but always exciting. There is no end to the painting adventure.”

If you can't make the opening, the show is viewable by appointment until June 1 (call 323-254-4565 or email

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Barnsdall Art Center Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser well worth the donation. Barnsdall Art Center has been a valuable source of art and education for many Angelenos over the years. I can't mention it without someone saying, "I used to take classes their when I was a kid" followed by how the experience was so wonderful. So even if you can't make the event please consider a tax deductible donation to the center. I will also have an inflatable sculpture on display during the event. A big thanks to Meg Madison for curating and organizing the art for the event. Cheers!

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