Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh The Humanity

 December 8, 2012 4pm until 10pm

Pomona Packing Plant
560 East Commercial Street
Pomona, CA 91767

Unit 7 @ The Pomona Packing Plant Present:

Stephanie Allespach,
Sydney Croskery
Clifford LeCuyer
Alexx Thompson
Susan C. Weber

Kelly Thompson

All are invited. Join us at UNIT 7

In our increasingly growing climate of mistrust, anger, paranoia, war and waste, these 6 artists show us how to find our empathy, compassion and hope for a better future. Whether it be intellectually or physically proactive they all strive towards recognizing our common bonds and making a positive impact on each other and the world around us. In thinking globally our every day actions and ideas can bring change. From ecology, global awareness, socially political efforts to exercise in personal growth, this exhibit serves as a reminder to ourselves and our audience to listen as well as teach each other to recognize our common bonds as human beings. As artists we hope to inspire and also take every opportunity to continue practicing tolerance compassion and building on the ideas of simple joy and support for those we know as well as strangers.

Note from the Curator:

Stephanie Allespach has been a mentor and inspiration to me personally as well as many here in Los Angeles and in Berlin. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge alone exudes the feeling of hope in humanity that we should all be a part of. Her work is always smart beautiful and insightful all of the components that you as the viewer will be able to take away from this exhibition.

Sydney Croskery is a tour de force of talent plus humor as well as inner and outer beauty. Common threads that have consistently run through her work are opposition, hybridization, laboriousness, industry, violence, overabundance, humor, paranoia, fear, and beauty. Her kindness and empathy are ever present in her work as in her life. She is an inspiration and joy to all who meet her. I look forward not only to working with Sydney but am anxious to see what beautiful work she brings to this show.

Clifford LeCuyer is not only a personal favorite artist he is a talented poet and a beautiful human being. He has a gift for inspiring and making all of those around him feel happy on a daily basis. His recent work of “One Ups a series he refers to as a Giant Sketchbook", is a testament to his spontaneity and the simplistic beauty in which he brings to every project he does. His kind and giving energy is contagious. It is that of which all of us can share and take note of.

Alexx Thompson is a passionate and talented Videographer of who’s work I’ve been fortunate enough to have recently discovered. His many videos document the lives of the people he meets during his many travels. His video piece "Surreal Istanbul/Turkey in 24 Hours” tells a story of beauty and hope using his incredible cinematography and editing skills he captures the many story’s of the people he films.

Susan Catherine Weber is one of the most talented fine art photographers I've EVER. We have collaborated on several shows and I trust not only her vision but her amazing sensibility and unrelenting sense of humor. Whether she and her camera are walking the streets of Los Angeles or on one of her many around the world adventures she captures the essence and reality of any situation and space. I look forward not only to working with her again but being a enlightened audience member and enjoying her work again.

Kelly Thompson, event curator and participating artist. As an artist my work is usually community driven often with a socially political focus. The work I’ve chosen for “Oh The Humanity” is titled “puffs”. This work represents our fragile ecology and the promotion of a clean earth. Recently invited to exhibited this piece at Barnsdall Municipal Gallery it was such a delight. It is an interactive, ready made piece that was received with child like joy and enthusiasm. I hope to share it many more times to come. I will be showing a new painting as well.

Stephanie Allespach

Sydney Croskery

Clifford LeCuyer
Images and Bio to come. Note: Clifford will be bringing his new work which are a series of 7ft drawings on paper.

Alexx Thompson

Kelly Thompson NOTE:This site is in the process of being built. Forgive any grammar or lack of work represented. Thank You.

Susan C. Weber

Open during reception or call 323-376-1400 for an appointment.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Proper Feminist...

This election was really intense. To every person that engaged with me and my politics on the interweb, thank you. I learned so much from you.  I'm not kidding.

This year I attended a woman's rights march in Hollywood. While on the train, on the way home I started chatting with two other veteran feminists. We started talking about the young feminists in the group. How wonderfully organized and interesting they were.  We were all in agreement on how wonderful the march was. gal said, "It kind of made her cringe when they were dissing Obama." and that "she feels like it's old fashion thinking but it seems that the republicans would love to get a hold of that one". Feminists for red.  I can't explain it, but I felt the same way.  I felt then that the timing was bad. Later of course after the election I have a completely different view on it. I thought their was such a great balance of voices and it was refreshing.

I'm interested in local election candidates and campaign finance reform among the million other things.

Hope You All Survived. I know am still reeling a bit. Cheers

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