Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holly and Gilda

Two New "Potty Art" pieces. I've always wanted to paint Holly so now I have. This is Gilda #2 she was so fun the first time I had to paint her again. Not exactly the same of course.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Happy to be a part of this show!

This is the ORIGINAL Gilda of two! She was sold at Cactus Gallery!!!!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saturday 19th TWO GREAT SHOWS!

First check out Douglas Alvarez and friends at the Monkeyhouse in Silverlake. That show ends early then join the caravan over to the Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock. Many of the artists will have work there two.

peace,love and sooooooooooooooooooul.//////////////////////////////////

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Friday, April 11, 2008


FOUND 2 :: Artists Transform Objects Discarded as Waste and Save Them from Becoming Landfill
In keeping with many EARTH DAY celebrations around Los Angeles, we invite you to see recycling in action.

Join Us for Our Second Saturday Art Walk :: Saturday, April 12, 2008 :: 7-10pm
Do Your Part to Save Mother Earth !

The artwork in our "FOUND" show exemplifies a state of mind -- a way of looking at an "obsolete" object from a new perspective and reinterpreting it so that it transcends its original and no longer valid function. Our FOUND artists have transformed the ordinary into the beautiful. They've collected discarded resources-- used, abandoned or recovered materials, and given them another life. Our delight in FOUND art is in the PROMISE it communicates. The results entertain us with newfound ENERGY and FLAIR!

In keeping with many EARTH DAY celebrations around Los Angeles, we invite you to see recycling in action. Over 30 artists have joined to demonstrate use of wood, paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, glass, tile, metal, aluminum, steel, concrete, wire, toys and more. Come see how our FOUND artists have transformed objects discarded as waste and saved them from becoming landfill.

About Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery is a vibrant latino owned and operated gallery that promotes L.A. artists. We proudly house original art pieces at accessible prices year-round. A real shopper's delight, Cactus mixes traditional art forms with distinctive affordable art objects and beautifully crafted jewelry from Argentina. We believe in community and maintaining cultural traditions. The space is in NE Los Angeles (NELA) and participates in NELAart. org's Second Saturday Gallery Night.

For more on Cactus Gallery, visit us at :: OR at our new on- line shoppe :: user_id=79481 To download a map for NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night ::

INVEST in your community; INVEST in local artists; SUPPORT your local gallery. Consider our LAY AWAY option when purchasing artworks; avoid interest on your credit card!

Cactus Gallery
Sandra Mastroianni
Owner, Nurturer and Juggler of Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery

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