Monday, September 28, 2009

Indigo Project

The Indigo Project has put together a wonderful Video about Peter Schulberg and EcoLogical Art Gallery on Pico just east of LaBrea.

I hope to see all of my friends at 7:30 on October 10th for the unveiling of a billboard that myself and two other artists have done for the month.

Be there at 7p.m. to see the curtain drop. Painted on recycled billboard above ECO-logical art Gallery. Also enjoy works in the Gallery by feature artists as well as past and future artist.

October Featured Billboard Artists: Miriam Dema, Walt Hall and Kelly Thompson.

ECO-logical Gallery
4829 West Pico Blvd.
LA CA 90019

2 blocks East Of La Brea

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parking Meter Beautification

I believe city wide parking meters were paid and plants and artful arrangements were made. More efforts to a greener L.A. This one was at Figueroa and Avenue 37. The Flying Pigeon bike shop. I loved it!

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another Disturbing Art Center Story

Well I just recently heard another disturbing Art Center story. I promise I'm not seeking these stories out they just seem to be finding me.

I was at a show in Costa Mesa a few weekends ago and this young guy announced to everyone he was student at art Center. The cost of his education and about the connections he will make when he graduates. My response to that was, "Congratulations that's wonderful and Yes, I'm sure you will get your moneys worth. He then proceeded to boast how he has survived the intense treatment of his professors with pride and arrogance. Then proceeded to tell us a little story about one of them. He said, "One of his professors has a cane and if you do a piece of art he deems unacceptable or not worthy he will take the cane squash and crumple it up for the whole class to see. All the while degrading you and your work". At that moment I started shaking uncontrollably. All I could say was that's a wonderful person to have as a role model. I literally had to run away after that. I could see that he was completely enamoured with the guy and the fact that he had escaped the wrath. It seemed to give him such a sense of importance that it made me sick.

I understand the school of hard knocks but please I would be furious if I was paying top dollar for my child's education and she was being treated this way. Such a bad environment for learning.

Oh help us!

Painting: "City Watchmen" Who is watching over our children as we send them off to be educated.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Top 30 Offenders 2008

This was sent from Leigh a fellow LA Art Girl. I just have to re-post it. As a woman artist you are always aware that you are in the minority. However to see the percentages of these listed galleries is pretty amazing. I wonder who will make their 2009 list. I had heard of "The Guerrilla Girls" and "The Waitresses" but not this group until now. Super Interesting.

Image: Susan Weber, Walt Hall, Kelly Thompson collaboration/sold
I wonder how different 2009 and 2010 will be.

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