Monday, November 28, 2011

63 Bluxome Street Gallery//Dec 17,2011//"Cha Cha"

I'll have this work at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco. December 17, 2011

I am feeling real sisterly this season. I've painted Shirley Muldowney a feminist by action. Also some Girl Power paintings for the little 'feminist' in your life. xxoo

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Particle Zoo, Each one hand made with love!

Congratulations to Julie Peasley and Particle Zoo an their recent success. These are the bets gifts EVER.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

From Debate to Create at LACE

What an amazing experience. I have to say after the first planning meeting for this performance I still had no idea what to expect. For that matter up to the very moment of the debate I was still not sure exactly what was going to happen. As Jerri and Inez kicked things off I was still stressing about what I was going to say when I got up to speak. Then it happened in a wave of organic spontaneous conversation and dialogue everything came together. The way in which no one and everyone became equal participants was a true example of a successful collaboration. The spirit of the debates was truly civilized and respectful with everyone given a chance to voice there opinion and then a short rebuttal. Then came the performance aspect. Thanks to Stephanie Allaspac and her big bag of props. We had a blast! The performance given by our group was so amazing with each and every one of us contributing equally. That is what I think was so amazing how everyone was a super star. Finally a circle was formed as Inez conducted a brief overall QandA siting a few one word questions with everyone sharing their 3ish word response. A big Thank You and Congratulations to Jerri and Inez for what was truly an example in equality and collaboration among us all.

From Debate to Create
Debating Through the Arts 4: Contemporary Issues in Performance Art
A Performative workshop based on the Model United Nations paradigm

Stay for the day or come for the debates at 10am-12pm and performances at 3:30-6pm

Teams of artists will creatively debate current issues in Performance Art such as the impact of Performance Art on civic life, individual ownership and collective public practice initiatives, and presenting controversial material to the general public.

Participating artists include: Stephanie Allespach, Juna Amano, Raul Baltazar, Stephen Fegely, Gerard St. Hubert, Daniela Ionescu, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Marissa Magdalena, Meg Madison, McCristol Harris III, Crystal Nelson, Jasmine Orpilla, Christine Palma, Christy Roberts, Leah Solo Taylor, Kelly Thompson, Marjan Vayghan, Gregory Walker and Erich Wise. Produced by Jerri Allyn and Inez Bush.

Through a structure of debate, caucus, collaboration, performance and voting that echoes United Nations proceedings, artists and audience will come together to explore issues in contemporary Performance Art. By developing creative proposals (art, music, theatre or dance), the goal is to provide a performative context for artists to demonstrate the importance of the arts in solving conflicts. Developed and organized by artists Jerri Allyn & Inez S. Bush.

Part of Los Angeles Goes Live: Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983

To R.S.V.P. or for more information:
Jerri Allyn /
Inez Bush /

For more information visit jerri-allyn-inez-bush

Jerri Allyn, Debating Through the Arts: Performance Art co-creator is an Artist, Educator and Scholar with an MA in Feminist / Art and Community. A founding member of The Waitresses and Sisters of Survival, collaborative performance art groups, she has exhibited internationally and received a Rockefeller Foundation Residency in Italy; an International Lila Wallace Fellowship in Mexico; and National Endowment for the Arts grants, among others. Allyn was Director of Education and Public Programs at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in NY; founding Director of ACT: Artists, Community and Teaching at Otis College of Art and Design in LA, CA; and is currently Director of Programs at Venice Arts, CA.

Inez S. Bush, Debating Through the Arts: Performance Art co-creator is co-founder, CEO and Creative Director of Gramercy Partners, an award-winning marketing communications firm. Bush is a strategist, facilitator and consultant to the non-profit, business and education sectors. She teaches at Otis College of Art and Design and is currently coordinating the Otis K-12 Teacher Retreat on Media Arts, a Professional Development program. She holds an M.A. in Education, Leadership and Change from Antioch University LA, CA and BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY Purchase, NY.

For all information on LA Live! Commissioned Artist events, visit the Los Angeles Goes Live web site.

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