Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WWWWomans Show!!

Love the painting on the invite. Can't wait to see it! Hope to see ya there tooooooo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Summer Vacation...

We just got back from a 4 state mid west vacation! It was great to see family and some old places we used to hang out. These pix's are the Roosevelt Hotel/Chicago, The Sinclair Dinosaur/Wisconsin and White Castle/Indiana. Yum Yum!


Huntin, Beer, Cheese and anything on a stick! That's what Wisconsin is all about baby. I really had no idea that the state was so beautiful. Lots of rolling hills and lakes. I loved the scenery there.

Chicago - More Photos

Some of our favorite Chicago things! The Rainbo Club. Powell's Bookstore

Chicago Pictures

It was fun to be able to climb into an art piece! The bean at Millennium Park was cool.
The sculpture is Klein Bottle Capula" by Pedro Reyes at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

Walker Museum/Minneapolis

We loved the Walker Art Center museum in Minneapolis. The Chicago Contemporary was a dud on the other hand. So sad.

Iron Lung at Ax-Man Surplus

One of the high lites of the trip. Ax Man Surplus in St.Paul.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cactus Gallery/SOLD

This one is Sold.... Woo Hoo Thank you Sandra for selling my art you are the best xxxooo!

p.s. my camera was acting up that day or was it me. oops! I'm so happy someone got this one it's one of the best abstract pieces I've done in a long time. "kick" is the title.


Cactus Gallery/Mermaid Show

We had a great time at the Mermaid show last month at Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock! The mermaid performance artist was great her friend was, well that's another story.... The first photo is one of two pieces I did for the show, "Mermaid City" is the title. It's still available so go on over and see!


Hanging at M.J. Higgins

Here's a new bam, bam, bamboo at Martha's. Also she has hung "butt why so blue lucky love cat".

Go check them out before the city (eminent domain) demolishes the building for their car wash/gas station/parking garage. I still can't believe the lack of city planning downtown!!!!!!!! Who ever is in charge of this needs to not only be fired but tared and feathered. Is that Gail Goldberg? Correct me if I'm wrong. Oh well even if she rejected the project City Hall just over rid it anyway. The Mayor should be ashamed of himself. Any city official that would let this happen is an IDIOT!

Ok a little harsh, butt I'm really maaaaaaad.................

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Instant Coco

This is a painting of a Susan Weber photo. It's looking out a window at the Art Institute Chicago. Soon to be at M.J. Higgins if it works out.

Title: "Love Those Curtain's"

New at M.J. Higgins

This was an image I came across somewhere. It was painted in 06 and is hanging at M.J. Higgins downtown.

Come visit before the take over in October!!! You may contact Higgins or Cactus Gallery for this piece.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pool Day!

Hangin out with Leila, Claire and Sue. I love summer time!

OK! this will be the last pix of me for awhile. It's so boring! But I've been to lazy to take real pictures and just keep using the one on the computer.........

This should be called "Pool Day/Chicken Neck".

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