Monday, August 13, 2007

Hanging at M.J. Higgins

Here's a new bam, bam, bamboo at Martha's. Also she has hung "butt why so blue lucky love cat".

Go check them out before the city (eminent domain) demolishes the building for their car wash/gas station/parking garage. I still can't believe the lack of city planning downtown!!!!!!!! Who ever is in charge of this needs to not only be fired but tared and feathered. Is that Gail Goldberg? Correct me if I'm wrong. Oh well even if she rejected the project City Hall just over rid it anyway. The Mayor should be ashamed of himself. Any city official that would let this happen is an IDIOT!

Ok a little harsh, butt I'm really maaaaaaad.................

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ha ha ha ha! Is the title really "butt why so blue lucky love cat"?

funny bunny!
Yea.....tee hee
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