Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cypress Village/Underground Tunnel Art Gallery

I am so excited to support and be a part of this wonderful community art event that Yancy at Antiqua Coffee House is organizing.  On Tuesday April 2nd we are asking you to vote for The Cypress Village Underground Tunnel Art Gallery. There is a short voting window so your support is important to us. Voting ends on April 15th. The community is hoping to secure the Good Maker Grant of $1,000.00 to use in making this event a reality.

Yancy has been working hard to secure permits arrange tunnel clean up, paint and lighting. As well as curators, artists, and marketing. His vision and passion for this community, it's safety and success is nothing short of amazing. I support his efforts 100 percent and hope you will too.

Please take a moment to read the proposal and vote for 'us' here in Cypress Park. I look forward to curating and being involved as an artist in many of the underground tunnel shows to come. I love this idea and hope it will also make our underground tunnel safer for the kids across the street at the school to actually use.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

 This is the second show I've been invited to through Cannibal Flower in where they collaborate with another Gallery. Love the mix of styles meeting new people and being introduced to new galleries. I look forward to see what this second curatorial/gallery/artist project will bring. "Hey, Never A Dull Moment".  (right John and Alex). Thanks Again for including me LC and Valentine. This show is with Cella Gallery in North Hollywood. I have heard wonderful things about this galley by other artist friends that have shown there. My friend Nicole Bruckman is also co-curating a show at Cella Gallery next month that should be fun too. 

This is the painting I've done for this project. I have been building a series where the pink/red snake/yarn/swirl, etc. represents something that people need to detach or expel from themselves or their life. I hope to use this metaphor to connect images and ideas in the future as well,  not just as a disconnect. This painting 5ftx3 1/2ft Acrylic and Resin on Canvas/Framed. The title is not determined yet. Please note this is an image from my iPhone the work is scheduled to be professionally photographed soon. However I wanted to give this sneak peak before the show. I hope some of you can make it to the opening reception.

Presented by Cannibal Flower & Cella Gallery. A group exhibit featuring Gustavo Rimada, Cody Lusby, Ariel Deandrea, Jackson Thilenius, Lauren Haggis, John Park, Michael Christy, Sarah Stieber, Ken Flewellyn, Elliot Brown, Kristin Bockrath, Kelly Thompson, L. Croskey, Kate Zambrano, Macsorro, Ramiro Hernandez, Christopher Willingham, Salah, Jeaneen Carlino, Telopa, Jenna Gibson

11135 Weddington St - Suite #112 North Hollywood 91601   Reception Saturday April 20th 7-11

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Llyn Foulkes at the Hammer

I was so happy to finally see the Llyn Foulkes retrospective today at the Hammer. What a wonderful show. I love that he seems to be board when his work is not evolving, what a special gift and a feeling that I share.  You should go see it if your in Los Angeles.

Deliverance, 2007 - Pinault Collection  //This piece made me chuckle out loud.  Something about the last little puff coming out of Mickey.

Congratulations to Llyn Foulkes and the Hammer on a really interesting show.

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