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In the spirit of "Experimentation", this small series has been interesting and fun to do. One day I decided to looked up the word "Emotion", and I was overwhelmed with the layers of the word. From the many different emotions them selves to theories and the theorists that have dedicated their lives to it. There are many categories of emotion along with perceptions, neurological and even the evolution of emotions. Fascinated by this, I decided to pick a few emotions and see what came out of my head, heart and body while thinking of them. I've chosen Fear, Fearless, Joy, Love, Indifference, Terror, Hysteria, Arousal, Wonder, and Shyness. Shown here in the annex are Arousal, Satisfaction, Fearless, Love, Shyness and Terror. To my surprise some came out pretty obvious and literal, while others appear the exact opposite of the chosen emotion. I decided that I wasn't going to worry about them being aesthetically cohesive to each other and let pure emotions guide me. It was nice to approach each panel, as it's own individual piece, within the concept.

Although this was an interesting experiment for me I’m not sure if it proved anything. Being constantly bombarded that concept is king and emotion should be pushed aside becomes a bit of the narrow minded criticizing the narrow minded, in my opinion. It seems that to subscribe to more than one school of thought is not accepted and one must pick one or they are just well... uninformed. I don’t believe this and truly feel that their are times when emotion can rule over concept and vice versa however it does seem without “both” and a cohesive aesthetic the work does becomes less of a series and more an individual piece, in some cases.

They will be showing at the Cactus Gallery annex along with Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Rick Strieck, Jon Measures, Ulla Anobile, Sheri DeBow, Lacey Bryant, Christine Benjamin and more!

Cactus Gallery, Saturday June 9,1012 7pm 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041-3215


For "Songs to Sing When You're Lost at Sea," Walt's 6th annual exhibit at Cactus Gallery, collectors will find that Walt has added works on canvas, as well as larger works on wood, to his staple of distressed wood planks.

Walt Hall's paintings and mixed media works bring together images and thoughts of other worlds. The playful figures that inhabit his somber landscapes beckon us with an alluring melancholy, a yearning for times past - come see what he has in store for us on June 9th!

Music provided by Bumtech - and

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