Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bike Lanes on Figueroa in Northeast LA

What a great and informative piece by Margret Arnold of The Arroyo Seco Journal.Last week Flying Pigeon hosted a meeting regarding bike paths on North Figueroa in Highland Park,LA from the Home Depot to Colorado. I encourage you all to keep an eye on The Flying Pigeon blog for further information on this wonderful effort. I know I will.;)

Photo by: Chelo

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Pacific Standard Time//PST Poster Project

Visit the project website for information about my December 2011 project. Then join me December 10, 2011 at Future Studios to pick up your poster and learn how to participate and be a part of this fun community effort. This will be my second public art education project and is quickly becoming a passion of mine. I hope you will all be a part of it.

note: this is just one of 12 posters available from Ferus Gallery to Judy Chicago and in between.

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