Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Art Pimps!

Oh no!

Look for a collaboration from me and my fellow art pimp. Photographer Susan C. Weber.

We'll keep ya updated.

Any excuse to have fun and make art! Conception of "Instant Coco"

Sunday, April 02, 2006


This one's nice and simple, with a quickly painted tree form against a color background.

Sold to Dr. Kwan, Thanks man!

Wash Swirl Painting

A little something different. I stayed away from my usual color choices with this painting. The form sort of evolved in to a wash, swirl effect.

Kind a like a toilet flushing, ha!

Wow just dropped my phone in the toilet, lost all my numbers call me if you read this.

Abstract Landscape in Green and White

This one is a partial L.A. skyline. It's acrylic and texture acrylic.

I would love to do this one bigger.

Abstract Landscape in Red and Green

Another landscape inspired abstract painting. I had in mind the forms of the California coastline and the line between the sea and sky while I was painting it.

Bamboo 2

Another bamboo inspired painting, this one with a vivid orange and red color motif. Fancy word their "motif" don't ya think.@#$%@$^#%?

Untitled Abstract

So many posts on one day! This painting is a little older, dating from the last quarter of 2005. This is another take on the bamboo it's heavily textured and the stalks and leaves are 3d kind of sculpted on the canvas.


This was a commission painting that I recently completed. A little more realistic than my previous efforts, but I think it turned out well. Getting the effect of the mist from the waterfall and plotting the fall of the water was the tricky part. I had a great time painting it!


A recent work that was inspired by some photos I took in a bamboo garden. A kind of mini landscape as it were, and fun to paint! Sold.

Red House

This is a recent painting that was shown at the Huron Substation in L.A. as part of the NELA Arts Second Saturday Tours. Let me know what you think!

This painting and Black & White Wormy Thing are my two favorites so far!

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