Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cactus Gallery, "Light&Shadow"

   Congratulations Ulla!   Looks so Great.

Cactus Gallery is pleased to present Light and Shadow, featuring multimedia works by twelve female artists.  Featured artist is Ulla Anobile.

'Light & Shadow' examines the ideas of light and shadow in myth, nature and the mystery of the psyche. This exhibit features an eclectic collection of mediums: paper mache, oil on canvas and wood, mixed media on canvas and wood, paper cut, acrylic on wood, graphite on paper, mixed media on paper, textile and ceramics. Please join us!

Show runs April 12 - May 8, 2014.

For pre sale information, contact Sandra at semastroianni70@yahoo.com

Come to Frogtown Saturday Aparil 12th. Thanks to Ulla and Sandra for inviting me to be a part of this special show. 

Can't wait to see everyone! 
rEally just can't wait.  :=

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