Friday, December 29, 2006

"Man Ray"

This is a commission I just finished for Leslie and Tim. Thanks you guys it was a blast!

Clouds over L.A.

Why just the other day...

My Dog...

I love my dog!

Back to Work

These are new. The first one I loved! The second
one looked too much like OBEY a local artist. So now I think I'll just
cover the third one up a bit. Hopefully it will be cool when it's done.
Ya never know?

New Shadow Stuff

These were fun I have one more of Claire and I to do. Need to clean these up a bit. I've just decided to paint over these. I don't like them. These two are now "Lucky in Love" and "Lucky Kat"! 2/31/07

One for the Family

Her favorite gift.

Merry Christmas To Us.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! We sure did. Thanks for cooking Johnmichael, it was great!

Holiday Fun!

Holiday Fun with Jose,Susan and the girls!

Some Sketches

These are some sketches I found recently. The man is a da Vinci sketch. The virgins are for Rosamaria at Rock Rose. Unfortunately I never got to paint them. The angel and two headed bird are from a dream I had. Just thought I'd share...

As the bird was attacking me in bed. The Angel came to me and said,"use the chopsticks in your chinese carry out on your night stand. Stab the bird between the two heads and you will be safe." Huh!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


"Sharpie Reunion"

Two silly painters and their tools!

photo titled/taken by Julie Peasley

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"OOps it's Chicago"

Here is another in "instant coco" Susan took this pix in Chicago. I spaced and signed New York on the painting. What a dope!

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