Monday, October 23, 2006

Wall of Weird

Come join us! October 28th from 12
to 4 for the Mt. Washington Elementary School Pumpkin Festival. It's
free to get in tickets can be purchased for games, food etc. The money
from ticket sales will pay for TA's and our after school homework program.

This is a section from the "Wall of Weird" that I painted 2 years ago. It's based on the Stinky Cheese Man book. The kids stick their hands in the holes and feel brains and stuff. Yuck!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hey everybody look Lorraine is in the show! woo hoo!

Hope to see ya there! (wow this is a triple exclamation mark comment)

Monday, October 02, 2006

My new house...

Have you seen my new house... More text to come.
SOLD! Woo hoo

Don't Bug Me...

Full shot. Text to come.
SOLD! It's my lucky day. Thanks Billy,Mikey,Jimmy and Cindy you guys are so supportive thanks again!

Don't Bug Me...

Close up. More text to come.

Sexy Martha

Sexy Martha and some young guy! woo hoo...

Great fun and a great show at the M.J. Higgins gallery 244 Main St.

Cactus Gallery Hot Mommas

Hot Mommas Sandra and Angela do their stuff at the Cactus Gallery opening! A great time was had by all. Thanks again you guys!

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