Friday, July 07, 2006

What A Blast

This was a Miro mural I painted for Les Enfant pre school in Santa Monica California.

The kids loved it. What a blast!

Can Can Parleur

These were some Toulouse Lautrec-ish cans I painted for my friend Carolann. She ownes a fancy hand and foot spa in Pasadena California. The Can Can Parleur on Fair Oaks at Green Street.


I couldn't resist posting this for my friend Angela. I painted it for a pancake breakfast at the Mount Washington Elementary School.

The girl image is the Malo-mint ice cream girl from a 50's ad. The original illustrator of the image is one of Angelas favorites. Crazy coincidence man!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


This was an art opening at M.J. Higgins Fine Art and Furnishings/Downtown L.A. 244 S. Main Street. I had some pieces in the back room a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Martha, Roz, Richard and John for making me feel so welcome and inviting me to take part in such a great show!

The painting in the background is an L.A. City skyline I did. Up till August 5th.

Susan's Lemon's

1of4 6ft by 3ft abstract landscapes in the show at M.J. Higgins.
This is one of 7 paintings now hanging in Jimmy, Billy and Mikeys house. Man that house is amazing it makes my work look so great!
SOLD! Thanks you guys!


Beatles tunes were on the radio on Paul's birthday, so this was what I got.
Their are proud new owners of this one Kolleen, Richard and Bella. Enjoy!

Kathy's Mom



Since I'm getting tired of naming my paintings Landscape numbers and landscaping in my head. I've now taken to just giving them names I think this is easier for me to keep track. Plus it's kind of silly and I like silly. Sold!



"Talkin To The Trees"

SOLD!! Thanks Richard at M.J. Higgins, kiss kiss!

CA Coast


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