Sunday, January 03, 2010

Visit to the Hammer

Our visit to the Hammer was as usual a great one. We went to see the R. Crumb show. The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis. It was interesting to see the original drawings. My daughter enjoyed seeing that he used white out and his references for the project. John and I both agreed that it is almost just as good to hold the book of the show in your hands and flip threw it as it was to see the pages framed. Almost as if the work had a reverse lost in translation affect. But not quiet what an amazing amount of work!

Rob Fischer's piece going up the stairs in the lobby was truly beautiful. A recycled gymnasium floor re configured in an almost geometric opp art fashion. The recycled material speaks for itself.
  • Heat Waves in a Swamp: The Paintings of Charles
  • Burchfield
  • The watercolors of Charles Burchfield were almost like what I call stoner art. doodle/designs This man had quite a body of work in his lifetime. From illustration, fabric and wall design, Christmas card design to of course painting. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the exhibition. Certainly not my cup of tea. However much respect for the skills and voice of this man. His railroad paintings were extraordinary and inspirational. They spoke to both John and I.

  • DesirĂ©e Holman
  • This was my favorite exhibit. It was based on the balancing act that we as women make between career and family. I love the way she expressed this in the video piece even with a spirited game of musical chairs. Her color pencil drawings were appropriately Mary Cassatt inspired. I could go on about this one but don't have time.
  • We also went to Huntington Library and Gardens this weekend. A wonderful juxtaposition to see Crumb's book of Geneiss at the Hammer and the first Gutenberg Bible print at the Huntington. Then to see Holman's Mary Cassatt inspired drawings and an original Mary Cassatt painting at the Huntington.

    P.s. What dorks. We thought that "The Thinker" with the googlie face was so funny. Crackin Up!


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