Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Group Show!

You're invited so stop on by!

My painting is the one with the legs, top row. It's one of six small
paintings. These works are something different for me hope you enjoy
them as much as I enjoyed painting them!

Hope to see ya .....

p.s. You my friends will love this space for it is one of the first TRULY multi-cultural spaces I've been too.

Hi Kelly! Great to meet you at Genevieve's last night. I will definitely come check out this art opening, as from simply seeing some of your work on this site, I'm a new fan... Here is some info on the jazz band that I had told you about:
They're playing at 14 Below in Santa Monica this Friday 1 Sept. Come on down if you can!
Hey i-ching

Thanks for the kind words and the invite. I can't wait to see how everything goes! woo hoo
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