Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Potty Art"

One day my friend Martha and I were talking and she said how she would love to have some art in the bathroom at her Gallery. This is a great insult to most artists but to me it was a great inspiration hence "Potty Art" was born. Upon interviewing some collectors I find that one friend has her "Paul Klee" and two "Frida Kahlo's" in her restroom. She was not the only one many people seem to put cherished pieces in the bathroom. So here are the first three pieces of "potty art" However now that friends are seeing these they say don't hang them in the potty their really great. So it's up to Martha perhaps they will be "potty love" now and "potty art" later. Either way I was pleased with the results and hope you come out to see them on Valentines day. I love having a reason to paint something! Thanks Martha

Upon further thought my really great photo of "MEG" got wet from my daughter flicking her toothbrush, that sucked!

Kelly, I love these paintings. I think they are my favorite's now !!!! Love You, Sis
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