Monday, September 17, 2007

Frog Town Arts Walk

This was the hi-lite for me of the Frog Town art walk. This thing these guys built was on a counter weight system. They drop the weight and the guy catapults 50 or so feet in to the air! It was CRAZY cool.

The art on the tour was a little disappointing however. I would like to have seen much more art and less commercial photography/work warehouse space. The spaces are super cool but no real focus on the art per say. Also no refreshments at all!!!!! Seemed only the in crowd had drinks and stuff not very welcoming. I hope next year is better I'll certainly never give up on any group that makes such a great effort.

p.s. the welding was most impressive not only at this space but also another guy had some interesting stuff.

If you like hangin' with rich commercial photographers this is your walk.


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