Tuesday, September 18, 2007

White Girl for Justice, HA!

Today I sent out an e-mail and signed "White Girl for Justice". Immediately I realized how stupid it sounded. However I sent it anyway. Although the email was a petition for the Jena 6. Six black young men accused of attempted murder for a high school fight basically. Pure racist white on black bull shit! Yes I understand the law was broken...

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the racism, sexism, general fucked-up-ism in the world and even among people I've met and know well. I intellectually understand these subjects and have even experienced them first hand. I however still reserve the right to feel simply sad about them.

I have a dream too!!! Why can't we just be proud of ourselves as we are? I wish self-respect/respect and kindness were more important than this color pride bullshit! Because frankly I'm not that proud of all people my color. I suspect that you're not either!

Don't get me started about materialism, bohemianism or any other "ism" I can make up.

Hey click on my friend Alice's blob "Diary of a bad housewife" for a debate with me and some chick named Stacy. Below is my most recent view on the subject. It's kind of confusing unless you go to Alice's blob even then it seems to confuse people. Oh Well!!! "Diary of a bad house wife" in my links.

What this boils down to is I can justify this as an injustice so far in my mind.

Next would be Mychal Bell's criminal record. I feel that given this town's record I wouldn't be surprised if over 50 percent of black men in this town have at least one minor charge against them. And yes I understand that the D.A. is within his legal right to charge Bell with a more serious charge than assault. But I truly believe that he has still spent time served. That just feels more appropriate to me. If I'm wrong I apologize. I would love to be proven wrong because that would mean that this isn't as messed up as it seems. But its what I feel now with the information I have.

P.S. I did read the whole wiki page but felt that even with a reduced sentence the punishment HAS BEEN SERVED. I thought I made that clear and didn't feel that the reduced charge was relevant. I would bet to get that charged reduced their was much work and protest.

I think Bell should be released based on equal justice and civil rights!

I'm very pleased Bell was released yesterday. Thanks to the efforts of citizens, press, civil rights leaders, ACLU, protesting, signing petitions, and speaking out about equal justice and civil rights. I now hope we can get back to having the punishment fit the crime. Cheers!

YouTube Jena 6 link
Online Jena 6 petition
NAACP Jena 6 link

More Importantly, Help the Jena 6!

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I hear ya sister!

I went and saw the musical "Avenue Q", (I know - completely out of character for me...) and there is a song, "Everyone's a little bit racist". It was so funny and frank and thus, frankly true.
Well! My gay fiends say that everyone is a little gay too!!!

I just wish we could focus more on our commenaleties than differences. I feel that color pride is often a mask for color power.

I have to say I also really feel (hope) that this Jena 6 crap has opened a few closed eyes. I've also been super impressed how the speakers at the ACLU have fought for justice in this case! cheers!!
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