Wednesday, July 09, 2008

LAAGAFBLA08/Phantom Galleries


For my section of this show I'll be doing a "One Woman Group Show" . This idea came about for two reasons. The first being I usually shy away from solo shows and always would rather collaborate or be in group shows. I guess the idea of standing around looking at my own art all night seems super boring to me. The other reason is that I seem to have a few different styles that I love to do. They all kind of look like a group show when shown together. That being said I'm billing this as my first solo/retrospective show. I think it is the perfect venue for me to do my first solo show. I hope to see you all there!!!
note:this painting is sold,continued series available during show!


Phantom Galleries LA is proud to present:


LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale

Los Angeles 2008

Organized by The LA Art Girls

LAAGAFBLA08 takes place July 10 – August 23, 2008.
Opening reception July 10th, 6pm -10pm for the July Downtown LA Art
Walk. Open August 14, 2008, 6pm-10pm for the August Downtown LA Art

Location: The PE Lofts
601 Los Angeles Street, Downtown LA, CA 90013
610 South Main Street, Downtown LA, CA 90013

Pedestrian Viewing 24/7 at the Main Street Location.
Both spaces are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm or by

LAAGAFBLA08 is the LA Art Girl's world premiere international art
show for contemporary works, and will be Los Angeles' cultural and
social highlight for the summer. The exhibition recognizes the
individual within this unique artist collective. Work by 27 artists,
from our cutting edge generation of emerging stars, will be contained
in two spectacular downtown spaces. The exhibition includes the
highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations,
photographs, and video.

This prestigious exhibition combines a selection of top artworks with
an exciting program of special performances, parties and crossover
events. Exhibition sites are located on 6th Street on the corners of
Main and Los Angeles, in the city's beautiful downtown Historic Bank
District. The exhibition is within easy walking distance of The
Standard Hotel, and driving distance of the beach.

The show will be a vital source for art lovers, allowing them to
discover new developments in contemporary art. A tour de force,
LAAGAFBLA08 is the favorite summer meeting place for the
international art world.

LAAGAFBLA08 Artists - Stephanie Allespach, Tricia Avant, Allison
Behrstock, Carolyn Castano, Krista Chael, Sydney Croskery, Karen
Dunbar, Catherine Daly, Amber Fox, Phyllis Green, Leila Hamidi, Micol
Hebron, Parichard Holm, Ellie Kervorkian, Leigh McCarthy, Amitis
Motevalli, Claudia Parducci, Nancy Popp, Sarah Riley, Ambika
Samarthya, Kim Schoenstadt, Felis Stella, Ten Terrell, Kelly
Thompson, Elizabeth Tremante, Shana Torok, Marjan Vayghan

Media Contact: Stephanie Allespach

More about the Downtown LA Art Walk
The Downtown Art Walk is a self-guided tour that showcases the many
art exhibition venues in Downtown Los Angeles — commercial art
galleries, museums, and non-profit arts venues.
Free Shuttle Service provided 6 - 10 pm

More about Phantom Galleries LA
Phantom Galleries LA is a Los Angeles County based organization that
transforms properties in transition into 24/7 public art galleries.
Each installation is a unique relationship between the participating
Artist, Curator, and Property Owner. Exhibits are curated by local
Arts Organizations, Galleries, Independent Curators, and Artists.

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