Thursday, December 11, 2008

"The ARTery" Shipping Crate Gallery

"Re: Gifted" Opens Saturday December 13th @ The ARTery Gallery
Category: Art and Photography

So pleased they used my stolen (Lorraine and original vintage tattoo artist got to give props to my girl......) "Ode to the Vintage Tattoo" for this one. It's so appropriate for a re-gifted show. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Co-Op Galleries and The SoBeCa District Present:

"Re: Gifted"

An Exhibition of Emerging Artists
The 2008 December Holiday Show @ The ARTery Gallery

December 13th – January 4th

Musical Performances by Sam Oak and Unfamiliar Occurrence

Featuring a wide range of artistic mediums:
Oil, acrylic, watercolor & ink paintings,
prints, photography, greeting cards,
jewelry, ceramic sculpture & pottery,
and a number of other items for your holiday indulgence!

Located behind Urban Outfitters @ The LAB Retail Center
2930 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, Ca

Artists Exhibiting:
Kelly Thompson
Kendra Binney
Susana Laverty
Michael Pukac
Andi Elloway
Yolanda C. Calle
John Hicks
Holly Roelke
Natasha Monnereau
Jesse Standlea
Seirra Segeberg
Peter Goldstein
Grant Bathke
Roxanne Harpe
Aileen Holmes
Stephen Crout

About The ARTery Gallery
A series of three Steel Shipping Containers transformed into a walkthrough community art gallery, The ARTery Gallery is located at The LAB Anti-Mall retail center ( in Costa Mesa, Ca. The ARTery Gallery is at the heart of the urban resurgence of Southern California. It is dedicated to supporting emerging artists through their exhibitions, whether presented in a solo or group show lasting the duration of two weeks to one month. In addition to the show, each artist will be promoted through The Lab's collaborative efforts to further support the artisan community.

Mission Statement for Co-Op Galleries:
Enable the Creative - be it musician, fine artist, writer, poet, filmmaker, or performer - to exhibit their artwork, interact with the community, and emerge with the knowledge that will allow their talents to succeed for years to come.

Our goal is to supply local student and emerging artists with the means to gain exposure and experience in a hands-on gallery atmosphere. The exhibition space strives to create a collaborative experience, fostering growth, education, and mentoring, while also enabling the artists to take responsibility for their own art installation, exhibition, promotion, and sales.

The vision of Co-Op Galleries is to integrate the artist and the viewing patron toward a shared belief in this communal experience. We encourage the artist to not only keep the gallery doors open themselves, but also create new artwork while there, thus inviting the viewer to become involved in the organic creative process, which can then cultivate mutual understanding and appreciation by both the artist and the viewer.

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!
Stephen Crout
Co-Op Galleries

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