Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Skill vs Content or is it the Skill to Exhibit a mix.....
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Humm... their are so many skilled illustrators and painters these days it starting to give me an eye ache. To many Mark Ryden wanna bees and girls with big eyes. Blah!

I'm wondering if the content is getting lost or if in the blur of the same color pallet, style, material usage, etc. I just can't decipher it all. Or has it become so homogenized that to take the time to appreciate and find the subtle differences per artist has become a chore.

It used to be a challenge to see all of the wonderful stories and skills with which the stories were told. Now instead of being challenged I'm finding it boring and not worth the effort.

I was looking at a gallery line up today (post lowbrow work mainly) if I didn't know any better I would have thought the gallery artists were one in the same. Ok, I say to myself, "so what, who says that is a bad thing". Remembering the day when I would stand with mouth hanging open at photo realistic skills or the way in which an artist rendered the lace on a collar. Why can't I feel that appreciation now? I don't want to feel numb when looking at these beautiful paintings.

Perhaps it's up to the galleries to mix it up a bit. Sure I understand artists work must hang well with each other. I just wish the old school marketing trap of having to represent all the exact same kind of art was over. With a little imagination and creativity I'm sure their are other artists out there who's art "fit" together. Without having to hop on the next big band wagon lets say "street art". *Not that I don't like some street art just an example of what is being globed on to now.

I've just started a "No Content, No Skill" series. The first piece is titled: "10 thousand conversations with myself". On display the month of March at Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock. Come and see it. It's nothin special, ;0)

Oh well I'll keep going to the shows because just one well rounded exhibit with an eclectic line up here or there is worth the effort I guess... cheers!

note* this sentiment excludes a few wonderful eclectic gallerys I've been to. I just wish all galleries had the in site and balls to mix it up.

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