Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ranting and Rave--ing.

Over inflated Self Importance is so destructive to us all.

Just a note:

I think true intelligence is not making someone else feel stupid if you
have the answers and they don't or pointing out your strengths only in
order to make them feel inferior. This quality is what made me fall in
love with my husband over 20 years ago. Recent unrelated experiences
have made me re visit these feelings and want to share this sentiment
with others. Also as a reminder to check my self as well!

We all know intellectually we have something to learn from every one. I
feel it's important not only knowing but realizing and respecting that in others then perhaps we can some day achieve true intelligence, peace and more importantly compassion.

Just a note: I've posted this for two days and I already want to hurl.

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