Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wallace Berman and Richard Prince Show

This week my friend Jen and I went to the Michael Kohn gallery to see the Wallace Berman/ Richard Pince show. I was not disappointed by the Wallace Berman works. It was wonderful to see his photographs as well as collage/mixed media work in person. The one photo of a woman sitting on a chair having an orgasm was not sexy or more importantly believable. (Ay Jen) Reminiscent or of the 70's Cunt Art I guess. Oh well dumb guy thought it was a relevant female image for him to photograph. The mailers were wonderful and inspiring in their simplicity and effectiveness. I had mixed feelings about the Richard Prince work. I like tits and dicks just as much as the next person..... however his images seemed say nothing or even say nothing well. Seems the nurse theme was just a half assed thread to connect the collages but wasn't quite enough even lacking in aesthetics . I did like the sparse execution style of the collage. Who doesn't love El Caminos but printed with expensive cheep looking sticky back vinyl or what ever it was made of along with uninteresting images on it. Successful if it was a red bull promo car I guess. I did like the mailbox covered with black and white girl images. I think simply because it was fun. I guess it just goes to show almost anything can look good in black and white.

KMFT rating: worth seeing anyway... if you live or are visiting on the west side. $$
$$$$$ five dollar signs being the best show ever....

But I do the same crap..........................................

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