Monday, April 13, 2009

Art Center/Sad Note

I just heard a really sad story regarding Art Center. Recently a friend (who shall remain nameless) and I were talking. She works as a Graphic designer for a major studio in the Valley. We got to talking about my recent ranting and raving regarding work in Galleries that all look like the same artist. Big Eyes and super fine rendering, beautiful and I highly respect it but being done in mass production by many different artists.

She told me that she often has to interview interns at work and has noticed that the students from Art Center all have the same style and much of the same content in their portfolios. I find that so sad, it seems our future artists are not being taught to explore their own voice and style. We are creating yet another generation of clones that will have the same sensibilities and ideas about art as some of our current backwards institutions.

I beg you teachers, please along with art history and critically creating art to encourage your students to think outside the box. To explore other art movements out there and encourage individuality. To respect all art not only what is being taught in the school curriculum or personal agenda of the educator.

I'm told that the Clayton Brothers are doing just that at Art Center. Teaching these kids to follow their heART. I think somewhere along the line these students are so enamored by them that their message is getting lost and they are trying to paint like them. I think their fab too but come on kids listen to what their telling you. There are not many teachers these days that are encouraging that kind of individuality.

Find your voice embrace it and explore new art movements that are out there.

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