Sunday, April 26, 2009

'Labor after Conception'

Hey Everyone,

Well here I go getting ready to do another long overdue conceptual, "cerebral" series, ha. I'll be working on the project between other shows this summer. I seem to be leaning in the "Execution of Conceptual Painting" . So we shall see. Cheers and thanks for checking in. Conceptual Painting from conception, to Execution, ie the labor of conception. Perhaps with a minimalist perspective. Hum still thinking about it. ;0)

UPDATE: 4/27/09 I don't want to sound, preachy, or defensive. I'm thinking more of a celebration or marriage of the two. I don't want to delve deep into history or the debate of which is superior. I want to keep a positive smart but fresh perspective without sounding to naive. So we shall see. Cheers!

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