Monday, December 14, 2009

Essential Tools For The Modern Woman

Hello Friends,

"Essential Tools For The Modern Woman"
is a solo show, (yes I'm finally doing a solo show something I've always shied away from) to be held in September 2010 at the Cactus Gallery. Several women were surveyed the following list are just a few! They were asked what their "Essential Tool" would be. The response was wonderful and inspiring.

Angela Ortiz
Alice Bag
Clare Marter Kenyon
Carol Powell
Valentine Reitblat
Sandra Mastroianni
Felisa Fynn
Sophia Lee
Martha Snow Mack
Susan C. Weber
Annette Martinez
Lisa Ingalls
Dale Youngman
Natalie Seaman
Julie Peasley
Mary Spring
Diana Prey
Angela Cimarusti
Debbi Bozeat Langley
Deanna Zivalic
Debby Gabriel
Sara Fairchild
Angelica Garza
Terri "Tooter" Berman
Tracy Taylor

They will all be included in the show and so can you!!

Now finally settling in after the holiday art madness I have started to do a few sketches/studies for the up coming pieces. I plan to update the journey on my blog, attached below along with the website. Please feel free to express your favorite tool all are welcome throughout the process. If you are a modern woman that is. Modern Men are welcome to comment as you are a favorite tool of the modern woman. Sorry but you are ;)

Much Love in 2010 to all,

Terri is such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to paint her "Tool".
"Modern Men are welcome to comment as you are a favorite tool of the modern woman. Sorry but you are ;)"

Haha, I love it!
oops spelled your name wrong. Yes mam!
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