Monday, December 07, 2009

Holiday Fun

I've done a mini series of three (twice) for the Holidays! One set for Cactus Gallery and one for The Hive.

This series is inspired by my mom and all moms including myself. The "Bless His Heart" was one that made me laugh. My mother was not a gossip and one of the kindest person you could have ever known. However those rare times when she shared a negative opinion about some one she would say afterwords, "Bless His Heart". I think she thought by saying that it absolved her of all evil and mostly the guilt of saying something not nice.... That brings me to another one (not shown). "Be Nice" this is something I seem to always throw out to my daughter as she leaves the house along with be careful. The third one is what a friend Ruth Harrell's mom used to say to her, "Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home. When Ruth posted that it just hit me like a brick, as I've heard this before too.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little series and most of all have a great Holiday!!!

Love and Peace

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