Monday, April 12, 2010


Lovely bike ride today. I love to stop and smell the roses so to speak when I ride.

Congratulations Kelly Thompson, on enjoying the simple things in life that stir the artistic soul. Spring has unleashed a bad case of Spring Fever in all we artists. Art for art sake can thrive in a hostile environment, but gains more intense roots in the beautiful scenery that surrounds a creative person on a creative bike ride. Bike rides are like a whiff of pure oxygen to our tired blood. The yellow blossom on the handlebar says it all. The fact that you are out in the fresh air speaks volumes to we who are locked in a metropolis of smog banks and noisy vehicles. The city eats us alive and spits us out with blackened lungs. I like the scope of what you present. It’s been a long, cold and hard winter. I’m looking forward to the first robin and the first snapdragon blooming in my yard. After all, a mortal can take only so much snow. Like you I’m getting ready to sell Art paintings . Some of my water colors will end up at a big craft show here. Best of luck. Did those three pennies bring your friends who bought your car good luck?
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