Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fundraiser for Artist Richard Godfrey

I've donated a small bamboo piece to the fundraiser. I hope Richard recovers quickly.

Other - Ceremony
Start Time:
Friday, April 30, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 12:00am
1018 S. Santa Fe, LA CA 90021 Gallery 1018 S. Santa Fe LA CA 90021
“A Little Help from My Friends”
Please support this effort to help Richard Godfrey, Downtown Artist since the mid-80's, who fell off a 16 foot scaffolding while working on a sculpture. Richard Godfrey lived for years in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. His wife (he met a Al's Bar, she was bar tending), Annetta, was Chief Engineer on Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral as a licensed architect. Richard was injured taking down one of his spinning sculptures in Long Beach. If you'd like to see his Art...
A Benefit for Richard Godfrey
Type: Music/Arts - Performance
Start Time: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 12:00am
Location: 1018 S. Santa Fe Downtown Los Angeles
This is a great chance to give back to a good friend of artists everywhere.
Drink before or after you leave please. We will have other things to drink and eat.

“A Little Help From My Friends” The Richard Godfrey fundraiser has spontaneously turned into the party of the year for artists, collectors and supporters alike. Usually the Downtown LA Arts Community operates invisibly in their studios strewn across Los Angeles proper. Here is your opportunity, to party with this amazing underground community, to help one of their own.

Please join us in this revelry of art, 100 original works of art will be on sale, at a fraction of their value, for our friend Richard Godfrey.


Airom Bleicher . Angus Chamberlain . Barbara Kerwin . Barry Markowitz . Becca . Brenda Hurst . Carmen Garcia . Carol Bishop . Cathy Stone . Charles Sherman . Christopher Rico . David Bishop . David Buckingham . David E. Stone . Dee Dee Kirkwood . Ed Moses . Elizabeth Hoffman . Father Bill Moore . Ferril Nawile . Fumiko Amano . Gayle Gale . George Comer . Gordy Grundy . Jacquelin Dreager . Jean Ferro . Jett Jackson . John Broscio . John Schrgerer . Juan Thorp . Julia Swartz . Kam Shaft . Karen Karlsson . Leigh Salgado . Lili Muller . Mae DeLorenzo . Mark Oberhofer . Mat Gleason . Matt Dell . Tufenkian . Michael Gullber . Michael Patrick . Michele Ormanley . Mike Schelly . Kelly Thompson . Paige Wery . Phil Bower . Philip Fagan . Rafael Serran . Richard Ankrom . Richard Kessler . Rick Robinson . Sarah Lehrer . Simone Gad . Skip Arnold . Steven Brooks . Stuart Rappeport . Susan Horowitz . Suzi Moon . T.K. Nagano . Tony Mendoza . Virginia Val

MC’s for the evening are the inimitable Emmeric and Rick Robinson

Los Angeles does have a center for art and it is downtown!

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Cafe Metropol
Busters Coffee and Ice Cream shop
Pasquale's Cafe & Pizza
Mauros Cafe

Raffle Items from:
Zip Fusion Restaurants
Wurstküche Restaurant
Cadolyns Salon

Music Provided by:
Little Baby Justice – rock
Tawney Ellis Band – country
Ukes of Hazzards – rock
Princess Frank - rock
Bill Woodcock – blues
Alula – acoustic
Relish – acoustic
Enzo – acoustic
Kennon B. Raines – poetry performance
Marie Fairman – stand up
Zazhinne Natasha – performance
Josie Roth and Drew Lesso – music performance
Music produced by: Lilli Muller

Special Thanks to our hardworking production committee Lili Muller, Raymond Newtown, Jim Fittipaldi, Jerrico Woggon, Matt-Dell Tufenkian, Faye Konrad, Emmeric J. Konrad, Rick Robinson and Julie Rico and Rex Bruce and LACDA to Gallery 1018 and Downtown LA Life Magazine

Julie Rico
Weeneez LLC


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