Monday, September 13, 2010

"Essential Tools..." Some Pictures from Angela, xxoo

In conjunction with NELA art walk, Northeast Los Angeles Arts Organization.

Los Angeles - Cactus Gallery is pleased to present, "Essential Tools for the Modern Woman," a solo exhibition of new work by Kelly Thompson.

"Essential Tools..." was inspired by a 6ft x 3ft eyelash curler painted back in 2001. Always a favorite piece of gallery owner Sandra Mastroianni, it was chosen as a signature piece and launched the theme of the exhibition.

Kelly surveyed 36 modern women asking them her own burning question, "What is your most essential tool - if you had to pick just one?"

In this selection of paintings, Kelly has merged two dominant, yet distinctly different styles, while continuing to explore her roots in graphic design and her compulsions for experimentation and imperfection. Using her favorite mediums, acrylic, oil, concrete, resin and spray paint she continues to use her familiar color palate and signature circle image. In keeping with her focus on process she will also be using recycled and rebuilt surfaces for this series.

Artist Statement

Embarking on this project has been both a challenge and honor. Challenging to try and include a small piece of each person in their tool as I paint it and honored that they are willing to join me in this great collaboration. My idea for these pieces is simply to paint “things” that women use. I was not interested in making a political, historical or social statement with this work but just to explore what tools are available and favored by women in 2010.

Of course surveying strong, educated, and confident modern women the results were not just objects. Most were light-hearted tools that we use everyday; then there were the more serious tools in the form of woman's issues. Issues such as equal rights, civil rights, freedom, discrimination and education.

In trying to stay on the lighter side of things, I had to make a conscious decision whether or not to include these political and social issues. I concluded that in order to be true to the women who participated in the survey, I needed to address both. The images are still in keeping with my original idea of a simple somewhat minimal body of work. Thank you again to you wonderful women who joined me in this journey.

Kelly Thompson was born in Gary, Indiana relocating to Chicago in the early 80’s. There she worked as a graphic designer until 1990 and also attended classes at the American Academy of Art. Moving cross country to Los Angeles, she decided to take a more hands on approach to her art and career by joining I.A.T.S.E. Local 729 set painter and sign writers union where she has worked on numerous feature films and television series.

Meanwhile, she continued to create her own work and exhibit and sell in the traditional Chicago style “Apartment Gallery” shows. Until being represented by M.J. Higgins Fine Art in 1999 then shortly there after joining the Cactus Gallery line up. Since then she has been featured artist as well as a participant in many group shows in Los Angeles, Orange County and New York Galleries as well as local Museums and Educational Institutions.

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