Friday, February 04, 2011


Oh Lord save me from another Theory Based art show! I don't know if I can take another one. I'm having overload.

After engaging in a few in depth conversations with one of my art pals. Watching a film about the Zeitgeist Movement and reading a bunch of theory based on line publications. My brain reeling. Wanting to go to an couple of art shows with some other concept was what I was hoping for. Then ba bam the two places I wanted to visit had theory based art. Not that it's not relevant or interesting it is. I ask why, why, why when it rains it pours so to speak. Now it seems to be a new band wagon for artists to glob onto. I get it really I do. I have and will most likely in the future collaborate with these ideas and there connections with art just as I did and will do again with science. I just have to wonder if all of these artists/galleries find out what there colleagues are doing and feel the need to out do them. Thus creating OVERLOAD!!!

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