Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My pal Dougs Show.

Due to life I wasn't able to participate in this one but I sure wish I could have. I just can't wait to see the art of all of my friends and celebrate I heart LA II.
See you there.

Saturday, June 18 ยท 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery
2874 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Created By
Douglas Alvarez, Monkeyhouse Toys
More Info
Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery
I Still Heart LA
group art show

Saturday, June 18, 2011 / 5pm-9pm

2874 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Featuring art about Why LA Still Rules!

Ichae Ackso, Ahh'd Art, Grace Albelda, Douglas Alvarez,
Dawn Anderson, Kim Bagwill, Terri Berman, Julie B, booleep,
Nicole Bruckman, Johnathan Bueno, Stephan Canthal, Deryke Cardenaz, CHATISMO, Cookie Doe Monster, L. Croskey,
Marcel deJure, Nick Gallo, Sophia Gasparian, Cristian Gheorghiu,
Kio Griffith, Patrick Haemmerlein, Walt Hall, Lisa Hull, Jinx,
Jason Jordan, Cori Keller, Billy Kheel, KORTEZ, Sylvia Lizarraga,
Jose Lopez, Carl Lozada, Jon Measures, Yuki Miyazaki, Max Neutra, Javier Nieves, Tom Oliver, Angela Ortiz, Anselmo Ortiz, Vera Paras, Carol Powell, Lysa Rhean Provencio, Ritchie Ramirez,
Sarah Ramirez, Paula Tade, Paul Torres, Jessica Valencia,
David Vandelinn,Ted Von Heiland, Susan C. Weber,
Christopher Willingham and more.


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