Tuesday, May 17, 2011

State Revokes Successful Clean Air Incentive

How in the world does the state ever expect to offer clean air/energy incentives and be trusted again? On July 1st the state of California will revoke there successful energy incentive program that kick started many drivers into buying hybrid vehicles. Giving first come first serve Hybrids stickers providing them with access to car pool lanes. The mentality of a driver in a gas guzzling vehicle complaining about cars passing them is to me is not only short sighted but childish. Especially a vehicle/driver who is clearly pro-active in there effort for clean air. I have never seen a hybrid jam up in the car pool lane. I truly felt this incentive gave us hope regarding clean air and a small stride in the effort for alternative energy awareness.

I support peddle power! Not completely off the gas guzzler but working on it an most of all celebrating those who do it.

Taking away this advantage just leaves hybrid sticker owners left with a feeling of deception. Shame on you California, shame on you humans who wouldn't support any and I mean any program that will help in the fight for clean air.

In the end most hybrid owners are global thinkers and still celebrate there reasons for buying there car. Fortunate or not gas prices keep going up providing the incentive we need to continue moving forward in our search for alternative energy.

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