Friday, June 03, 2011

Super Excited to be in the Dirty Show!

As Kathy from Avenue 50 and Nathan from the The Hive can attest to. My work is more flirty than dirty. Hey I'm working up to it, ha.

The Dirty Show
(Hotel Exhibition)
Fri & Sat June 10 & 11 8-11 p.m.
City Center Hotel
1135 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA

Detroit's infamous underground erotic art exhibition, the Dirty Show®, returns to Los Angeles for the second time on June 10-11. Instead of a gallery, this exhibition will be held in the authentically appropriate rooms of the City Center Hotel. (You probably won't find it in Frommers).

With over 12,000 patrons attending the most recent Detroit installment, the Dirty Show®, has in its 12 years of existence, become one of the largest and most important erotic art exhibits in the world. The show has featured the biggest names in modern erotica as well as lowbrow champions and marquee gallery artists. Satellite shows have been produced in Australia, Chicago, Zurich and Los Angeles.

In L.A. the promoters can still fly under the radar. "Instead of bringing a truckload of international art, this time The Dirty Show® is going to do an L.A. invitational. We want the show in L.A. to grow organically the way it did in Detroit," says founder, Jerry Vile. " We see it as a mix between and exhibition and an art fair, a really fkd up art fair but an art fair nonetheless."

Special rooms will be curated by Pop Tart gallery founder and bombshell Lenora Claire and Bughouse Design. A pop-up version of Rick Castro’s Antebellum Gallery will serve the fetish crowd.

Confirmed artists include performance superstar Ann Magnuson, stained glass artisan Juan Martin del Campo Jr., photographer Greg Firlotte, painter Scooter LaForge, fashion illustrator Richard Haines, sculptor Cheryl Ekstrom, the lovely and talented Carol Sixsixtysix, fashion stylist Bill Mullen, fetish photographer Steve Diet Goedde, painter Brian Viveros, fine art illustrator Jeff Wack, graphic designer Rick Morris, photographer Lisa Boyle, physique photographer Gabriel Goldberg and about 50 others.

The Dirty Show® is not typical silicone men’s magazine or porn star erotica, says Vile. “We go for edgier artists from all genres, fine artists and crafters working the theme as well as erotic art masters.” The East Wing of the historic City Center provides 17 rooms staged as artist salons while retaining a back- of-the-adult-bookstore atmosphere. “Context is king,”says Vile. “There is not a better place to show erotic art.”

The promoters are asking for a $15 donation, alleging that money raised, “will go to unsavory causes.”

Further Information: HYPERLINK ""www.dirty

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