Monday, September 24, 2012


WALK, SKATE, BIKE //Join us at the corner of Avenue 34 and Figueroa in NELA as we celebrate Carmageddon!

Flying Pigeon Bike shop is pleased to present the art of Terri Berman and Kelly Thompson in conjunction with this years Carmageddon. We are also very excited to be a part of this years exciting project ARTmageddon. If you missed Kelly's "share the road" project at Outpost For Contemporary Art a couple of years ago here is a second chance. She will be resurrecting the silk screen that day if you brin
g an old t-shirt and 5 bucks she will screen it for you.

Bring the Kids for this great art/garden project! , Join Susan Wong and the gang as we make seed paper. The kids can make their own seed paper to plant and watch grow!

Flying Pigeon Bike Shop has everything you need for a fun filled day of cycling. So check out their beautiful bikes as well as high end biking accessories. We also hope to be a destination for the LA River Ride happening that day. Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

Antiqua Coffee House located next door to the bike shop will be open for all of you thirsty alternative transportation supporters. I suggest the 'ice mate' yum!

ARTmageddonLA Less Car. More Art! ARTmageddon… is here. Please join us as we celebrate staying local and visiting art in our own neighborhoods. Or if their is an exhibit on the list of many events that you can find here it's a great time to try the metro, bicycle or revisit just plain old walking again. Enjoy!
**Remember to check what neighborhood your in if you can't make it to The Flying Pigeon.

Terri Berman finds inspiration through life, nature, culture, photography, music, color, and anything that catches her eye. She is an adventuring pirate and enjoys all around her. With all that inspiration, she creates imaginative characters and familiar imagery that ultimately combine to make her version of everyday pop culture.Terri is also a active member of the bike community and shares the love of alternative transportation.

Kelly Thompson is a community based artist who's work is inspired by the people and situations around her. She is a global thinker who's work is deeply rooted in local culture. As a feminist and artist, Woman's rights and socially political issues are an ongoing strong influence in her work. She is an avid cyclist and is passionate in promoting bicycle safety and alternative transportation. - Note: website in construction

More artisans to be announced.
Note: All are invited please feel free to join us here.
Painting of the "Stingray" Terri Berman

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