Monday, October 08, 2012

CicLAvia 2012

Had a great time at Ciclavia this year! I had planned to stop at quite a few events until the few that I went to were to fun to leave. First stop was the DTLA HISTORIC SOCIALCROSS event. I had never seen bike racing in person and was just mesmerized I could have stayed there all day. The people were so kind and open, it was just such a chill day in the park.

While there I met Miles of Small Batch Embrocation. It's an Organic locally brewed jell that when applied to your body keeps you warm all day. I didn't know but this is something that bikers do when riding in cold weather. Miles said you can use it for muscle aches as well. It smelled yummy too!

Well I finally tore myself away from the races and joined in CicLavia for a bit I was so happy to not encounter as much bike traffic as the past
year. It could also be due to the late start.

I then made my way over to Senior Fish for Treats & Beats where I sat with a great group of girls as I listened and watched Mikey Wally get the crowd dancin! What a fun party and again really nice people.

I then just stopped a a few local NELA favorite spots to visit friends and decompress before my big climb up the hill. Oh and just as I was starting the climb my bike was between gears and I biffed. Geez
I hope everyone had as good a time as I did this year at CicLavia!

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