Tuesday, January 07, 2014


 Join us: Saturday/January 11, 2014  974 Chung King Road, LA 90012   7:00/11:00

Coagula Curatorial presents Two Johns and a Whore, featuring the gallery debuts of John Fleck and John Roecker, two notoriously controversial and confrontational media artists, coupled with a group show by twelve artists exploring the literal, symbolic and allegorical nature of prostitution: Anthony Ausgang, Kelly Blunt, Sheila Cameron, Jane Cantillon, Stacy Lande, Louie Metz, Rafael Reyes, Bradford J Salamon, Oriana Small (aka Ashley Blue), Mike Street, Kelly Thompson, and Mimi Universe.

Curated by Lisa Derrick, this exhibit is a direct and unapologetic exploration of art, love, sex, and commerce.

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