Friday, March 27, 2015


                                                                                   Osceola Refetoff

Prepare yourself for the cute, the grotesque, the beautiful...and everything in between! 

TONIGHT 3/27/15
a multi-artist, rabbit-themed exhibit benefiting
     Curated by Peter Frank and Delia Cabral 

Chungking Studio in Chinatown [DTLA]
975 Chung King Rd. │Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fri: 6 to 9pm
Sat: 6 to 9pm
Sun: 1 to 4pm
March 27 – 29, 2015
*Opening Reception March 27th From 6:00pm to 9:00PM
Bunny meet and greets Friday & Saturday
 Wilding Cran Gallery Unit B in the Arts District [DTLA]
939 South Santa Fe Ave. │Los Angeles, CA 90021
Thur: 11 to 4pm
Fri: 11 to 4pm
Sat: 12 to 7pm
April 4 – 18, 2015
*Opening Reception April 4th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

On April 18th, the last day of Bunnymania,  
We will feature a special guest presentation by world-renown bunny expert
 Dr. Margo DeMello (1 pm)
and a curated bunny-themed film fest to follow.
Suggested donation: $5 museum members; $8 non-members.
Bunny meet and greets every Saturday
Please take a moment to visit  BUNNIEMANIA website for details and a available work. 

Participating Artists:
Addona Khare,  Bibi Davidson,  Bogdan Dumitrica,  Brian Duda,  Corrie Gregory, Dana Feagin,  Daniela Schweitler,  Dave Ghilarducci,  Debra Broz,  Dilip Niroy, Georgie Flood, Gretchen Ryan,  Heather Matton,  Inge Dehenin, Jane O’Hara,  Karen Florito,  Karrie Ross, Kathryn Pitt,  Kelly Thompson,  Kim McCarty,  Kim Tucker,  Lara Regan,  Marina Hebert, Mary McGill,  Mark Blatchford, Megh Raj Thapa, Michelle Waters,  Moniuque Rebelle,  NAMAAK Collective, Nina Salerno- (Perfect Reject),  Osceola Refetoff,  Paul Evans,  Paula De La Cruz, Penny Collins, Rafael Perea De la Cabada, Raul Contreras,  Rhea Korito, Rikki Niehaus, Sally Ann Field, Salomon Huerta,  Sandra Vista,  Sarah Hardt, Sarah Stone,  Susan Coates,  Suzanne Walsh, Trine Churchill,  Valerie Daval                 

I am very excited be a part of this fun bunny lovin benefit. My work will be on view at Wilding Cran Gallery April 4-18 2015. I "hop" to see you at the opening the 4th 6:00/9:00pm. 

"There You Are" 
Acrylic, Resin, Framed on Canvas

This Piece was completely inspired by this show.  I had a great time painting it. She is waiting by the front door soon to be packaged up and ready to go.  

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