Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blue Stairs/Instant Coco

This is a new piece that Susan and I did for the Paintography show.

Our last show "Paintography" at M.J. Higgins is part of an on going series that Susan and I call "Instant Coco". This title was born when Susan, Martin Garcia and I were in my shop trying to come up with a name for our show. Out of no where Martin said "instant coco" it just cracked us up because it was so silly. Upon further research I found "instant" (the point of time now present) "coco" (a name used by many clowns)

Sounds about wright for a couple of clowns who are usually soooo in the moment when doin our art.

Although we are open to show titles per Gallery I want to stick with our original one it's just such the organic and appropriate name for us.

We hope you will enjoy this on going show!

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