Monday, October 08, 2007

I Bought New Art!/same artist-different piece

I'm so excited I bought a new piece of art at the Truxtop $99.95 show! This is the artist who painted it (Sophia Gasparian) she has an upcoming show at Acorn Gallery this Saturday.

John bought new art too at the Walt Hall panel show at Cactus Gallery. So that's two happy art collectors.

I think I'll show the new art at the Arroyo Arts Tour. I have yet to show off any of our collection during the tour. This year perhaps I'll have a wall for it.

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Kelly, is this the art you bought at TruXtop?
I can't open that but it's the one with the cake in the belly.
Love your work hope others don't miss out on your next show.
Hey someone offered me 300 Bucks for my Sophia painting last weekend! Crazy...good
Appetite (Not Here)
Collection of Kelly Thompson
i am going to e-mail you a jpeg right now.
thanks again, Sophia
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