Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Squaring The Circle/LA Art Girls

 I am so excited to be participating in this amazing project representing the LA Art Girls. Thank you to Stephanie Allespach for curating our part of this temporary residence.

 Squaring the Circle Craftwoman House and  Hinterculture
30 ARTISTS, A ONE-DAY EVENT AT THE  SITE OF THE FORMER LLANO DEL RIO COLONY   IN HONOR OF ITS CENTENNIAL. Craftswoman House and Hinterculture present Squaring the Circle: Llano del Rio Centennial an interdisciplinary arts event on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 1 pm to 6pm with site specific installations and performances on view to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony, a utopian socialist community established in 1914 by Job Harriman in Southern California?s Antelope Valley. The event participants who reflect diversity in their work as historians, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, activists, and transdisciplinary practitioners responding to questions that Llano inspires. How does site-specific place, and the historical archive relate to artists and their contemporary expression? How has the categorization of Feminism, Socialism, Utopia and Collaboration shaped artists' practices? Can we square the circle and propose evolution into an alternative future?

For my personal contribution to the event. I silk screened patches that simply said Feminist as well as a workshop to make 'sit-upons'  a long time Girl Scout camping project.

Participating LA ART GIRLS Stephanie Allespach, Chloe Boleyn, Sydney Croskey, Felis Stella, Kelly Thompson, Marjan Vayjhan

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