Thursday, June 11, 2015

7th Annual Bird Show/Cactus Gallery 2015

RECEPTION: Saturday, June 13, 2015 :: 6p-9p 
Scheduled to run from June 13 - July 7, 2015

Cactus Gallery
3001 North Coolidge Avenue
Los Angeles (Elysian Valley aka Frogtown), CA 90039

Cactus Gallery is pleased to present THESE BIRDLY DELIGHTS, our 7th annual bird themed group show. People have always been fascinated by animals. Birds, in particular, seem to have sacred and secular meanings, which can be positive and negative, and their use is evident in religion, music, mythological tales, and visual art.

These feathered creatures can convey emotion or even comment on society. Birds and their symbolism vary greatly depending on different cultures and religions. Generally, birds are thought to symbolize freedom; they can walk on Earth, swim in the sea, and soar in the sky. They can be symbols of eternal life; perhaps a link between heaven and Earth. Some believe they are an omen of death, and yet others believe they represent wisdom, peace, and prosperity. Birds and their symbolism vary greatly depending on different cultures and religions.

Please join us to celebrate their powerful symbolism as seen through the eyes of 55+ artists. This show features an eclectic collection of media: oil and acrylic on canvas and wood, mixed media on canvas and wood, hand embroidery, paper mache, linocut prints, pencil, pen, and ink on paper, prismacolor, chalk pastel and colored pencil on paper and mylar, polymer clay and paper clay art dolls and sculptures, hand stitched felt, paper cut outs, wood carving, forged jewelry and mixed media sculpture.

Contact Sandra at at for purchase info.

So very excited to be a part of this amazing family. Thank you for all you do for the arts Sandra!

I saw this little guy, fell in love with him and had to paint him. 

Also so thanks for including him in this Hometown Pasadena post. 

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